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Battery experts in Outaouais since 2006

Large variety of batteries

We have a large inventory to serve you quickly. Whether it’s for your car, motorcycle, boat or small battery-packed device. If we don’t have it in store, we’ll be happy to order it for you.

Battery tests

Do you have any doubts about the state of charge of your battery? Come to our store and we’ll do a free test to see if it keeps it’s charge. Often after a while a battery no longer keeps its charge and needs to be replaced.

Battery recycling

The environment is important to us, which is why we have a battery recycling box, please don’t throw your batteries in the trash or your home recycling. Drop them off in appropriate places. Contact us to pick up your old large batteries.


We have the best chargers available in several models of the most recognized and specialized brands in the field.

Rarely used batteries will discharge. For example, a vehicle stored for more than a month loses its battery charge. It is important to recharge it well before starting the engine.


Has your battery lost its charge? Did you forget to turn off the lights or a door was badly closed for several hours? We have the solution for you!

This device is used to “boost” a flat battery in just a few seconds.  Contact us to find out more.


The Cobra 1500W converter is one of the models we have in store.

It’s a device that converts, for example, the 12-volt continuous current of a battery into a 220-volt alternating current and gives you the ability to plug in small devices. Ideal for motorized VR, boats, trucks and even for camping.

Batteries of all types

Whether it’s a remote control, a watch, a remote starter, a flashlight or a smoke detector, it’s always important to have a supply of quality batteries.

Contact us or come to see us in store for availability and our recommendations.

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